the juggling act


just another label

As a mother of a three year old daughter, I don’t recall entering a ‘stage’ of motherhood.  I simply became a mom and added that label to my many others:  traveler, athlete, business owner, teacher, traveler, budding philanthropist, curator-in-training, race director, writer, daughter, lover, friend, liberal, global citizen…. the list is endless.

But what is the image we present to the outside world but the labels we put upon ourselves?  And how do you juggle all those labels?

If someone asks you what you do…what’s your answer?

Most people answer with what they do for a ‘living’.  “I’m an accountant, lawyer, architect…..”

I prefer to answer…”I do”  I just do what I do on a daily basis.  Hopefully well.   I do not want to be defined by just one label.  Besides I have more than a few that I’m tossing about.

Balls in the air?  You bet.

How many?  Probably too many.  It’s hard to keep track when they are whizzing by – a blur of color inside my head.

Each new day, the first ball up in the air is mother, add in teacher and colleague, throw up non profit director/curator/race director, toss in athlete, sneak in writer/community organizer/global citizen, and hopefully find room for friend/lover/confidante up there somewhere.

(notice the label of ‘cook’ is nowhere to be found)

Some days I manage the juggling act better than others.  The real glitch in the machine is sleep…I need it.  And not just a little…no six hour power sleep for me.  Every morning when I’m racing out the door, balls already whirling in their frenzied dance, I consider that I already have a couple hours of work under my belt.   Yet try as I might – sleep is my friend.  Or my enemy.  Its a thin line really.

So, I keep sleeping to the last possible moment, and every day the juggling continues.  The good news is – when the circus comes to town I can make some extra cash!



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