Real American?

Ellis Island's Melting Pot

Ellis Island

I drink lattes.

I don’t own a gun, or have a desire to do so.

I have gay friends and believe they should be able to marry if they choose, the same as anyone else.

I believe that our freedoms are more important to preserve that any attempt at ‘complete security’.

I choose Boddington’s over Budweiser.

I don’t eat fast food or drink Coke.

I love sushi.

I speak several languages other than English – all poorly.

I have an i-phone.

I don’t watch Fox News…unless I want to test my blood pressure’s limits.

I am pro choice – in more ways than one.

I don’t go to church.  And don’t plan to.

I have Muslim friends.  And Hindu.  And Jewish.  (None of them terrorists).

I don’t watch NFL, NBA, NHL, or whatever acronym baseball falls under.  HUGE fan of rugby though.

I haven’t stepped foot into a Walmart in years and hope that never changes.

And horror of horrors…not only do I like the French, I lived in Paris for a short while.  Freedom fries my ass.

Yet last time I checked, so do many of my friends…all of us American citizens…all of us doing what we can to make our communities and the global community a slightly better place.  We see the faults of our country as something we can, and should, work to improve.  This country is a work in progress – and we want to see forward momentum not a backward slide.  We believe that our country has vast potential to lead by example in areas of tolerance, diplomacy, and progressive thinking.

We do not turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the issues that face our country, and as such, believe that our president should be smarter, ridiculously smarter, than we are.  We don’t want our president to be our bestest bud – we want him or her to speak intelligently with our civic and world leaders.  We want our government to work to improve the quality of life for us and our global neighbors.   We don’t waste time preaching against big government while advocating to reverse widely accepted Supreme Court decisions (Roe v Wade) and make constitutional amendments forbidding gay marriage – thereby taking power away from the states.

Most of all – we are real Americans.  (I, for one, grew up in North Dakota – a decidedly ‘red’ state.)   We believe in the melting pot that is this country, and believe that melting pot is chock full of ‘real’ Americans – and that those who throw rocks shouldn’t live in glass houses.


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