Where is the Chase…

…and how do I cut to it?

I HATE ‘yes men’.  I HATE going around in circles.  I HATE indirectness. 

Just get the point, give me straight answer, and stop worrying about what I may or may not think.  I asked for your opinion, so lay it on me.  I didn’t ask?  Let’s move forward with the assumption that if we are talking then your opinion is valid.  It’s the strangers outside of Whole Foods giving me their opinions on the price of eggplants or whether or not my child should be wearing a hat that are inappropriate.  Let’s not do the little dance of political correctness which prolongs the process of getting to the point. 

What happened to the straight shooter?   These days its a rare person that tells it how it is.  Even in politics, George W = PC dancer without the PC.  Obama = straight shooter with class.   Reporters asks a question, George W gets jokey jokey to the reporter with a nickname and the promptly ignores or sidesteps the question.  Obama by contrast, acknowledges the reporter by name and answers it.  What a novel idea for a press conference!  

I myself, am guilty of  occasionally tiptoeing around a subject if I know it may offend or hurt someone’s feelings.  Most of my friends and family will probably choke on whatever they are drinking – I am not known for holding back my opinion.  I know what I think, and I share…perhaps more often than necessary. I’m blunt but I am not Rush Limbaugh blunt.   I don’t expect you to agree with me.   I enjoy that others think differently than me and enjoy the discourse that can follow with two people (or more) not afraid to get to the point.  

I value honest conversation.  If you have a question ask it and let’s move on.  I’m a busy woman and if there is something you want to say, say it.   Let’s not have three meetings when one will suffice.

And so it goes in my life.  I have two or three people in it that keep the dance going for whatever reason and the chase still eludes me.  If its you…cut to it. Time’s a’ticking.


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