Learning to Shift


At some point, we all need to shift into another gear.

Except I am a single speed mountain biker.  I don’t have gears.  I don’t know how to shift.  Probably a metaphor for how I live my life – its all or nothing.  One gear.  Now GO!

But in my desire to expand my love affair with two wheels and to experience riding with the burgeoning cycling community in Afghanistan, it seems some changes need to occur.  Enter:  skinny tires and gears.

To help me make this transition – the incredible crew at Alchemy steps in again along with some help from two generous Texans, Michael and Donna Bettin, and an amazing bike fitter – Philip Shama.  Today at Alchemy HQ in Denver, Philip had to literally tell me where to place my hands on the handlebars, since I wanted to place them like a mountain biker, on top.  But we dialed it in and now the fun begins…welding me a custom TI road bike.  The words ‘not worthy’ run through my head while I’m pedaling in my mountain bike cleats, wearing my Shredly baggies, and  hooked up to sensors.

I am incredibly grateful for the team that is rallying behind me, pushing me forward, and allowing me to continue this journey I started four years ago.   Cycling with the men’s and women’s national cycling teams in Afghanistan.  Launching Strength in Numbers to use the mountain bike with survivors of gender violence to pedal a revolution that could change the world.  Producing a film with the filmmaker, Sarah Menzies about the Afghan National Women’s Cycling Team and bring their stories back home to inspire others.

So the journey begins….wait, does this mean I have to start wearing lycra??


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