Streets of Afghanistan Book Launched

It took four years to complete, but the Streets of Afghanistan exhibition is a project that I am enormously proud of, and one that owes its vibrancy to the photographers that took part.

A huge thank you to the photographers involved:  Najibullah Mustafer, Wakil Kohsar, Gulbidden Elham, Mariam Alimi, Paula Lerner, Paula Bronstein, Travis Beard, Tony Di Zinno, and Beth Wald.  These photographers contributed images that showcased another side of Afghanistan – the beauty and the heartbreak – as a collaborative and cohesive exhibition that I dovetailed with black and white images from the 1960’s in Kabul before 4 decades of conflict ravaged the country. I am forever grateful for the involvement of the photographers  that gave life to this vision and for the Afghans that supported these exhibitions in villages and public spaces.

The exhibition was set up as a series of pop up street art exhibitions around Afghanistan and is now part of the Afghan Center at Kabul University which houses the Afghan National Archives.  Thanks to Hatherleigh Press, I was able to produce a behind the scenes look at the entire process and exhibitions in Afghanistan, documented in 2008 and in 2012 by Tony Di Zinno.  The book, Streets of Afghanistan, is now for sale online and in select bookstores.

You can now see behind the scenes and into another side of Afghanistan through the book.  You can order the book and support the work of Mountain2Mountain.   Thanks to Hatherleigh Press, a portion of the sales benefit Mountain2Mountain’s continued work in Afghanistan.

Streets of Afghanistan by Mountain2Mountain from Mountain2Mountain on Vimeo.


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